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Inspirational, gutsy, dynamic and real are just a few words that I use to describe Andrew Griffiths.

Shelley Evans-Wild, CEO Neuropower

Andrew is one of those rare people who just keeps bouncing back, no matter what life throws at him.

Linda Richardson

Reading this book changed my life forever.

Kristy Templeton

Andrew is one of the most extraordinary men I have ever met. His energy and enthusiasm are remarkable but his sincerity and compassion are what truly make him the man he is.

Geoff Ingram

Inspiring, motivating and incredibly profound, this offering from well known author Andrew Griffiths cannot fail to make a very definite and positive impact on your life.

Written from a “no holds barred” look at his own life and the challenges of “growing up” in today's ME focused world, he addresses the many issues we all have in this overburdened world of “More and Me”.

This book gives insight into many of today's pressing issues, the tools to understand the pressure and how to go about dealing with and ridding yourself of this bombardment, thereby allowing yourself to enjoy a life richer and more fulfilling, knowing that to do so is OK.

Conscious Living Online

I met Andrew at a presentation he gave in Sydney in October. He is, above all, an incredibly generous person — and he tells us why, in his book "The Me Myth." Andrew is the first person to tell you there is nothing exceptional about his skills — it's just that he dreams ideas and acts upon them.

His story is one that whacks you between the eyes — it had special resonance for me as I was brought up in Perth and was able to picture many of the locations as I read Andrew's incredible life story. If you want a definition of an entrepreneur — find Andrew's books — his portfolio of interests — and you'll see how guts got Griffiths glory!

Sofia Majewski (Canberra)

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